My name is Sanford Tullis. I am a Georgia native, now living in Montana. I am not the photographer that “was born with a camera in their hand”, I am the photographer that picked up a camera as a way to stay active in the sport of rodeo.

I survived as a bull rider for a couple of years, until a bull put his hoof down in the wrong place… in my back. I rode my last bull 9 days later and told my traveling partner I was going to take some time off to heal.

During that healing time, I picked up a point and shoot 35mm camera and shot a roll of film at a local practice pen. Those pictures were not good from a photography view point, but from a rider’s view point they were excellent. I was able to use my knowledge as a rider and read the bulls. It was the start of a road that I have been traveling for the past 20 years.