Why I Entered The Weather Channel's Photo Contest

I will never forget the day of our first football game of my Junior year of high school. We had to do our time in the film room as soon as school was over, then we had 2 hours of "free time" before we had to report back to the field house. We would use that time to grab something to eat, and relax before "quiet time" started. That was the couple of hours you spent in the locker room mentally preparing yourself for the game, or as it was often referred to The 60 Minute Battle. I will never forget that someone came back to the school parking lot with a local newspaper, although we were told at the beginning of each season, not to read the paper. The coaches would tell us, the only thing it would do is "mess with our heads". The player that had bought the paper began to read a quote from our head coach, he was asked about his thoughts for the season. His answer made us (or at least me) feel like we had been kicked in the gut, he said "We are just a team of No Names". How could our coach say that? Say that when he knew it would be printed on that Friday? Say that when he knew we would see it, just a couple of hours before we were to take the field? When it came time for the "pep talk" our coach walked into the middle of the circle, and said this "I know you read the paper, and yes we are a team of no names. The names of the past few years that struck fear in the hearts of these others schools, have graduated and they are not walking onto that field tonight... You are, and tonight is when you start making YOUR name."

For some reason, that pep talk has always stayed in the back of my mind. I have lived my life as the no name, that had to make his name. I started photography by accident, while I was healing from a bull riding wreck. I started as a "no name" rodeo photographer, but soon found myself in the same arenas with the top rodeo photographers in Georgia. I branched out into other sports and areas of photography, and I was always the no name that had to make his name.

So here I am, a No Name storm photographer, with a picture entered in a national photo contest, sponsored by The Weather Channel, and Toyota. I'll admit when I entered the contest I never believed I would still be in the chase, but I am. On that afternoon last July, when that wall cloud set "it's sights on me", I told myself it was time to leave. when the lightning got directly over my head, and the cloud was only yards from me, I told myself I needed to bail on that storm and get to safety.

But, as I turned to head to my truck, I stopped and told myself... It Is Time To Make Your Name.

That is why I entered, to see if I would still be a No Name at the end of the contest, or would I make my name.

I still need your help, I can't get to the final round without your help. I need your votes! You can cast your daily Here.